Flats from 90-150 sqm – all with spectactular views !

We have chosen to offer different types of flats. All have two bedrooms, a bathroom with or without a bathtub a separate guest toilet and a combined kitchen/family room (which is quite unusual in Germany).

The “penthouse” flats are larger and the balconies stretch all around the building.

Note that we give the area of the flats in “net” square meters (also known as “rug square meters”). This means that the area covered by stairways, halls and the thickness of the walls are NOT included.



At the groundfloor you can choose between 2 different sizes .
Either 92,4 sqm with 1 bedroom or 101 sqm with 2 bedrooms.
Both have balconies both towardst the waterfront and towards the streetside with afternoon/evening sun .


2nd to 4th floor

All apartments have the same size, 102,5 sqm with 2 bedrooms.
All have balconies towards the waterfront and landside for evening sun.
Can be made with open soluiton for livingroom/kitchen or can be separated.
Bathroom plus a separate guest toilet .



Penthouse flats are made for those who wants something special – and we only have 3 ! 148 sqm with huge terraces and 3 bedrooms .
Spectacular views both over the water towards “Alex” and to the evening sunset.
Direct access from the basement parking via the lift to the penthouse.